What does a CNA Do? Confidante and aide

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A certified nursing assistant is the one aiding the hospital or facility nurse in looking after the patients who can’t do personal caring for themselves.

This job is ideal for hard working individuals who love tending to people and don’t mind erratic working hours.

The increase in the demand of CNA services in the healthcare field is expected to rise to as high as 20 percent before the year 2020.

This increase is seemingly rapid in comparison to other careers; the healthcare industry is indeed leading the trend in occupational opportunities not only in the US but around the globe in general.

The high population of the aging group of people requires the services of more certified nursing assistants in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. So,what does a CNA do?

CNA Job duties

It is important to note that the CNA works under the administration of a registered nurse. The CNA is only obliged to report to the registered nurse alone; they’re not compelled to follow the doctors’ or therapists’ orders.

Nursing assistant duties involve supporting patients in their personal care errands, noting their medical information and condition, and treatment related duties.

Personal Care

Along with aging are some limitations in the capacity to carry out personal care tasks, that’s why the Federal government has a directive that nursing homes should have certified nursing assistants.

For those who naturally love looking after other people, this no-brainer role would even please them. Personal care duties include helping the patients in changing clothes, eating, taking baths, toileting, and oral hygiene care.

These tasks maybe simple for some but ordinary people may find these tedious. This is the reason why those who want to pursue a CNA career should be a really dedicated person.

Recording medical condition

A patient’s medical condition is monitored by a CNA every now and then. It is the certified nursing assistant’s duty to record the patient’s weight and height.

They also monitor the patient’s vital signs such as body temperature and blood pressure. These reports are then relayed to the registered nurses.

Recording this information and assisting in personal care require the CNA to meet with the patients often and thus draws them even closer together.

The patients’ personal concerns are often aired out directly to them. A certified nursing assistant tends to become the patient’s confidante; cheerful and compassionate people are likely to become good CNAs.

Treatment preparation

Responsibilities also involve recording the doses of the patients’ medications, as well as preparing them for their treatments.

However, CNAs are not supposed to administer the medications; their training and certification exam doesn’t involve dispensing the medicines.

There are still arguments about the varying provisions of states regarding medicine administration by CNAs.Nonetheless, their support is needed in readying the patients.

They are also responsible for keeping the patients’ rooms clean and arranged.

Employment and further career opportunities

Certified nursing assistants aren’t only needed in nursing homes and elderly care.

These nursing assistants’ services are needed wherever there are patients—regardless of their ages or the gravity of their illnesses.

Hospitals, recovery centers, doctor’s offices, medical clinics and other healthcare facilities may require their assistance.

Since certified nursing assistants report to the registered nurse, they cannot work in a facility without them. It is forbidden to sell nursing services while claiming to be a CNA outside and without the supervision of a registered nurse.

Many career opportunities become available to certified nursing assistants.

Working side by side the registered nurse gives the CNA a broader understanding of the role of nurses in the healthcare industry.

Understanding and caring for the patients won’t only give them monetary rewards through competitive salaries, but would most importantly gain them priceless rewards like friendship and self-accomplishment.

The hands-on experience could become a CNA’s springboard towards becoming a registered nurse.

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