How much does a CNA Make?

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The demand for certified nursing assistants in the U.S. has quickly soared in the past couple of years and the trend is seen to continue in the next decade or so.

More and more people are considering this line of career because of the high employment and lack of college degree requirement.

A person can start training for this career as young as 16 to 18 years old; age requirements may vary depending on federal and state laws but this is the usual age range.Considering the demand and the population of aspirants, how much does a CNA make?

Because of the rapid increase of demand, certified nursing assistants enjoy competitive salaries for their services, as well as other employee benefits. In the recent data acquired by,

CNAs in the US earn hourly wages of $8.45 to $14.25 and overtime fees of $3.08 to $21.05. With $407.07 bonus, a CNA earns $17,691 to $31,207. CNA compensations vary from state to state.

Other than this, experience, training, and work facility type also affect a certified nursing assistant salary.

Metro States

Highly urbanized states offer the highest salaries to CNAs. According to, Alaska and New York lead in the list of best paying states for certified nursing assistants.

CNAs in the metro cities of Alaska earn an average of $14.36 per hour, while those in New York get $13.63 in average.

Although different states have different average fee, the average annual income in all states for this career don’t fall below $15,000.

Considering the minimal educational requirement and training fee, this salary is significantly high. A CNA could already live comfortably with this wage.

Training and educational background

A CNA with a more credible background gets a significantly higher salary in comparison to lower experienced ones.

The nursing assistant salary of someone who started with just a high school technical program certification usually falls in the lowest bracket, while someone with associate’s degree got a higher and better pay.

Years of experience also affect a CNAs wage.

With more years of experience, a nursing assistant becomes more competent in the line of work and thus deserves appropriate compensation. CNAs with 20 or more years experience receive an average of $10.27 to $14.60 hourly rate.

Type of Facility

Certified nursing assistant are found in different facilities. Hospices, medical clinics, doctor’s offices, assisted living facilities, and hospitals are just a few of these facilities that demand their services.

Assisted living facilities usually give the lowest nurse assistant salary, while hospitals offer the highest. An average annual income of $20,366 – $32,317 is earned by a certified nursing assistant in a hospital.

Hospitals usually entail more demanding jobs for CNAs, particularly those assigned in the Intensive Care Unit.


The certified nursing assistant career is known to be resistant to any threat of recession because of the ever growing demand. According to studies, the demand for healthcare staff rises as the U.S. population ages.

Certified nursing assistant is one of the most in demand healthcare occupation. Although many people are pursuing this career, the demand will never be quenched because the established CNAs are also pursuing their careers further.

More and more certified nursing assistants decide to pursue becoming registered nurses or licensed practical nurses.

A certified nursing assistant career is one of the easiest ways to get into the healthcare sector. With comprehensive training, hard work, and right attitude, anyone can succeed in this line of work.

In the years to come, better training programs for this career will be introduced producing more knowledgeable and capable certified nursing assistants. With new and better skills, compensation and salaries for this career would also have a significant increase

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