CNA Skills: What It’s Like to Be a Certified Nursing Assistant

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Being a certified nursing assistance entitles you to responsibilities similar to those of registered nurses.

Because the license proves that you underwent and passed the necessary training to become certified, you are expected to be capable of assisting in patient care.

Responsibilities of a CNA

Among the qualities that certified nursing assistants are expected to learn are perfected CNA skills.

It’s commonly understood that registered nurses are trained for quality patient care and assistance; and so certified nurse aides are required to specialize in these areas as well.

These nursing assistants are bound to experience cases that involve intensive care where accuracy and carefulness is imperative.

Both CNA licensed and registered nurses need to have basic knowledge on how to care for their patients; otherwise, unwanted accidents can occur.

The training provided to CNA licensed nurses are quite similar to those of registered nurses; by the end of the training period, each must pass the given CNA skills test.

Some institutions may provide the students with experience as nursing assistants, but most do not include payment and act as job training.

Work Type of CNAs

Nurses should know how to wash immobile patients. It’s considered tricky to bathe bedridden patients, especially those who are injured or in a grave condition.

There needs to be care and proper positioning to avoid complications or further damage to existing injuries on the patient. CNA’s are expected to be able to deal with different patient care situations.

They must be able to assess the state of the patient correctly in order to perform the proper procedure when bathing, cleaning wounds or bed transfer.

Certified nursing assistants, however, are not eligible to make dependent actions such as giving medication with or without orders.

It is rare for some nursing assistants to be obligated to deliver medication with orders. This is unlikely however, since only licensed practical and registered nurses are allowed to perform tasks like these.

The job description of a nursing assistant only involves aiding professionals and helping perform such care plans.

Work Settings for CNAs

Nurse aides can apply in different types of medical settings. They can become war medics or remain in peaceful environments such as clinics, nursing homes and personal homes.

Day care hospitals and such are common settings for nurse aides. The workload of CNAs is diverse depending on their hospital or clinic setting.

Some may experience fast-paced duties while others might have long calm hours of work.

Depending on the state or area, CNAs may have access to the Operating Room or Emergency Room, but only to briefly assist.

Getting and Renewing a CNA License

Getting a CNA license will require some form of work experience, if not proper training, prior to the examination. Registered nurses who are applying for hospital jobs might still be required a CNA license.

Those who have already taken up courses or have had experience that cover the CNA skills required may challenge the exam and skip it.

If the state finds the applicant worthy of the license, he or she may be given a valid ID without tests.

The license is usually valid for two years; some state CNAs are only certified for a year and will need to renew their license before the end of their term.

It is possible to renew an old CNA license, but those who have not been renewed for more than two years may not be eligible for renewal.

In such cases, the nurse must train once more or pass the nursing exam to become eligible. Conclusively, licenses expired for a year or less can still be renewed with less paperwork involved and without exams.

The nurse only needs to provide substantial evidence that he or she has effectively worked as a nursing assistant for the past year.

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