CNA Classes in RI : Top 5 Questions You Need to Know

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As the population of Rhode Island is fast growing, the healthcare industry is also facing a definite future of bigger demands.

Thus, the demand for greater workforce is also more likely to happen and this is when the bright future of Certified Nursing Assistants comes in.

So for those who have always wanted this job, this is probably the best time to enroll for CNA classes in RI (Rhode Island).


1. What is a CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant?

A certified nursing assistant is a paraprofessional member of the health care team that provides personal and health care assistance to patients.

The patients may involve of the sick, disabled, dependents or residents of health care facilities.

Most of the time, the job involves the assisting of patients with their daily tasks, like bathing, grooming, dressing, and eating.

2. Who are eligible to take the Certified Nursing Assistant Program?

Before taking the program, there are few requisites in order to become eligible in studying such program.  They are the following:

  • At least 18 years old.
  • Completed high school.
  • Not pregnant.
  • Passed both criminal and health screenings.

Aside from the mentioned basic requirements, it is important that the candidates must have the desire to work with different people of different ages, religions, race, etc.

Patience and compassion are also vital in this field. This is mainly because the job duties involved require a load of those traits to be executed properly.

 3.Where to take CNA Classes in RI?

To become a certified nursing assistant, it is necessary to complete an approved nursing assistant training program.

This program may be available in community colleges, technical or vocational schools, hospitals and nursing homes in Rhode Island.

Some of these institutions offer various schedule of classes which enables more aspirants to avail and finish the program.

It is very important that you inquire to these institutions who offer CNA classes in RI (Rhode Island) so that you can find the perfect schedule for you.

 4.How Much Does the Program Costs?

Normally, to finish a nursing assistant program, one must have at least a thousand dollars in his pocket in order to keep up with the costly training.

However, in Rhode Island, there are a number of opportunities wherein you can avail of this program for free. One for example is in a healthcare facility.

Sometimes a healthcare facility will pay for the student’s nursing assistant program costs in exchange for a contractual employment.

 5.What are the Benefits after Finishing the Program?

After finishing at least 100 hours of learning – 80 hours of in-house studies and 20 hours of clinical training, one can definitely apply for certification examinations conducted by the State.

For those who passed the exam, the certification that they have is valid for two years – unless it has been suspended.

The salary of a certified nursing assistant is at the median of $26, 000 a year.

This is based on the data provided by a young adult, this is already good because the said that their annual expenses are around $20, 000.

Clearly, taking CNA classes in RI(Rhode Island) is a good opportunity to establish a good career.

It may be costly, but still, there are other options that one may avail so that he can undergo the program without emptying his pockets.

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