All Things Relevant to the CNA License

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Health related courses seem to be popular nowadays; there are so many students taking up nursing and medical related degrees.

It’s noticeable that even though there are many hospitals nationwide, most fresh graduates still find it difficult to get a decent job as a nurse.

Hospitals normally require applicants to be officially registered as nurses, but getting accepted becomes harder because some prefer certified Nursing Assistants or Nurse Aides.

Because of its advantages, a CNA license is one of the more commonly sought after certifications for healthcare workers.

In order to obtain it, aspirants have to undergo training, which may take several days or weeks depending on the institution.

Requirements for CNA certification also varies from state to state. States like Oregon and Tennessee offer training but will only provide certification once the applicants pass the exam.

Both states can accommodate transfer of licensure of the nurse aide from other states.

Tennessee allows its applicants to challenge the exam provided that they pass the required paperwork; more details on the state’s rules and preferences can be found here.

The state of Oregon, on the other hand, has a slightly more specific set of requirements.

Applicants will have to be eligible for Oregon CNA certification. Graduating from an approved nursing education program no longer than 3 years ago is one of the requirements.

Others states require certain hours of work as a medic; with pay while some prefer simple nursing experience of up to 800 hours.

What all states have in common is they all require applicants to undergo a criminal background check.

It is possible to get information on these details online; some states, like Nevada, offer downloadable PDF files containing all the information one will need in applying for the license, including license renewal.

Nurses can renew their certificate in two different ways. The best time to renew the license is while it’s still active but only shortly before it expires.

This will require less paperwork and hassle for the nurse. An expired license will have to be renewed as soon as possible; otherwise, the owner will have to apply again for a certificate.

In such cases, training is imperative and is compulsory. Again, these requirements are varying depending on the state but normally, the license is valid between 1 and 2 years.

CNA license renewal often involves evidence of employment as a nursing assistant within the validity period of the license.

Some states require at least 8 hours of work experience before they allow the applicant to renew.

Similar to when you acquire certification, state area registration will allow applicants to renew a license from a different state as long as they undergo and pass the CNA exam.

It is also possible to challenge the exam, even with an overdue expired license as long as the applicant has had significant work experience.

Seemingly difficult, applying for or renewing licensure for CNA is generally easy if done in an organized manner.

Researching beforehand will save you from asking more questions than necessary at the registration and might enlighten some complicated details.

It’s also best to keep an open mind about transferring to other states in 2 years or in case a work opportunity becomes available. In that case, knowing a little more about the requirements of other states can be an advantage.

Once certified and officially licensed to be a Nursing Assistant or Nurse Aide, one can have better work options and higher chances of getting accepted to bigger hospitals and health institutions.

Intermittently, it will pave the way for a more pleasant path towards the ideal career of most nurses today.

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